Comprehensive Guide to Solar Photovoltaic Certifications

A 200 Pages Explanatory Guide on Solar Panel Certifications

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The Report “Comprehensive Guide To Solar Photovoltaic Certifications” can be directly downloaded in .PDF.

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Comments (8 comments so far)

  1. michael tournier
    938 days ago

    This information would be very helpful. Due to every company saying they are the best quality and that all the other big companies buy cells off them.

  2. Dave G.
    937 days ago

    Great video! Very interesting content guys

  3. John W.
    936 days ago

    Hello Dricus,

    Regarding your testing regime, received the following from my solar system supplier & installer:

    “Oddly enough, They failed to mention flash testing in the their video. I think climate and mechanical load testing is great but there needs to be a flash test to check electrical connections, particularly the soldered collection points at the end of the cell circuits and that the actual rated wattage is within +- 5% or thereabouts. California was very strict about this and had very high standards.”


  4. Dricus
    936 days ago

    Thanks for you comment John!

    That’s a good remark from your supplier. He’s right, the video above on solar panel
    certifications doesn’t mention the flash test. However the flash test is used several times during the
    certification process. For instance before and after a mechanical load test, to see if
    the load actually did any damage.

    The full Guide that we offer for sale above includes the flash test and dozens of other tests that
    are performed in a certification lab. Unfortunately we couldn’t include all test already in the Introduction Video.

  5. Antonio M. Muñoz
    933 days ago

    It is a very informative and detailed guide, excelent work guys.

  6. chi charles
    930 days ago

    Hello,it may be a wonderful idea to think out of the box, I’m in Cameroon having problems in getting solar materials for my installations, and the are expensive that my customers can afford what can i do. i thought of having partners in order to have materials and pay back later at lower cost.

  7. admin
    930 days ago

    Hi Chi Charles, perhaps you can work with an NGO to finance your projects.

    Did you build the hydro power in the river yourself? I saw the picture on your website.

  8. Kumar Chavit
    895 days ago

    I enjoyed to read this guide. will there be a new one soon?